An account of Army Life During World War II
experienced by Bernard Welburn

last updated January 21, 2019


Epochs and Theatres of War
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Post-War Period
AIM Magazine, this is the final issue of the MEF (Middle East Forces) magazine.

"The Road Home"
This was a guide booklet given to members of the 8th Army to entertain and to guide them home to Blighty on leave. One quote i love is :

"There is one small point which should be borne in mind. The R.A.F. has been rather active over europe during the last five and a half years. Hence, description of a <<fine handsome building>> may occasionally not quite agree with the facts as you see them. However, we can assure you that they did, until a short time ago, really stand as we describe them."

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"Anniversary Parade
2 May 1946

To commemorate the surrender of the German armies in Italy to Field-Marshall Viscount Alexander of Tunis"

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7th Queens Own Hussars
Christmas 1946
All Best Wishes For Christmas
The Coming New Year

Soltau Germany

Regimental orders for 5/6 Jun 1946
Rail travel ticket mentioning NAAFI blanket issue April 1946?

An Ornate 7th Queens Own Hussars

Unmarked certificate
'in recognition of his services to the regiment'

A cigarette tin full of army uniform badges, plus some German plastic toy figures which i believe may be WHW (Winterhilfswerk) related.

Four WHW (Winterhilfswerk) badges, from left to right:
Kavallerie, Infanterie, Pionere, Flakartillerie.

Plus a Type III Leader NS-Frauenschaft (NSF: National Socialist Women's League) badge. (badge identification link)

Combines Services Entertainment Show

"The Crooked Billet"

no idea on date

July 1946
in a foldout holder, on the inside reverse is written :

Combines Services Entertainment Show

"The Case of the Frightened Lady"

no idea on date

Eighth Army

"Service of Thanksgiving"

no date or place shown.


on the reverse:

"7887585 ORQMS B. Welburn - outside 7th Hussars Orderly Room 1947"


Epochs and Theatres of War
please follow the links below to visit each part of the story.




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